• Life Back In North Carolina

    I figured it was about time to write a new blog post. Things are all very different from the last time I posted. We're no longer living in California. In May, we left our little home in Redding and drove across country back to my home state of North Carolina. Our trip was just about as perfect as it could have been. We got to visit my cousin in L.A., we saw the Grand Canyon, and we toured Graceland in Memphis.  Being on the road while pregnant wasn't too bad after all as we took the trip at the right time in the pregnancy before I got too uncomfortable. 

    At this point, I'm much bigger than when we left California. AND we finally know that we're having a little girl! It's been really cool bonding with her since we've known for sure — calling her by her name and imagining exactly what she's going to look like and what not. I didn't realize I'd enjoy the process so much. We've been buying for her and getting things prepared. It is hard to believe that she'll be here in just over two months! 

    It's been interesting being back in North Carolina in a part of the state that we didn't live in before. We're farther away from our friends and family than we were before. Even though we get to be with my Mom and Dad everyday, we do miss what our life was like in Asheville. But I am finding the little things to be grateful for: it's beautiful in this part of the state, we're blessed with a budding friendship in one of the young couples in my Dad's church, and the time we get to spend with my parents is invaluable as we've been away from NC for quite a while before this. 

    I had to scale down my hours writing for Bustle recently. I knew that would happen as I got farther along in the pregnancy. It's crazy how just working from home writing articles on my laptop can make me so tired! But I was writing 3 pieces a day/5 days a week. Now I've just gone down to writing 8 pieces in a 7 day period and at my own pace instead of being "on shift" for 6 hours a day. I'm very grateful to my editor for being flexible with me. So far, though I have found the job challenging in some ways, I have really enjoyed my work. I hope limiting my hours will give me more time to prepare for our little girl — and possible to work more on my novel, which I've been neglecting ever since I took the position for Bustle. 

    I am missing many aspects of our life in Redding. Being apart of Bethel Church is a dream for many people, and there are many times that I miss the community and the church life there. I often still miss our life in England, too. I find it difficult loving so many places at once. For now, I'm soaking up this time in North Carolina for as long as it will be. I'm trying hard to live in the present and not yearn too much for everything I want to see in the future. But isn't that everyone's struggle? We look back and look ahead, and sometimes we forget to look all around for the glory of what we have right now. 

  • New Job Musings

    That's my Bustle bio on my author page. Yeah, I have one of those now. To say I'm enjoying this new job is a bit of an understatement. I mean, I'm getting paid to write - 5 days a week, AND I'm not just wrting paragraphs of text or content about something I don't care about. I have bylines, people. In cyber-world terms, I'm writing for the fashion and beauty section of a women's magazine. It's just not in print. 

    I definitely want to say thanks to all of you who are supporting my articles by commenting on my facebook posts and sharing my pieces. It makes me smile ear to ear to know you guys are actually liking my stuff. The majority of my work are my own ideas approved by my editor. This position as a shift writer is definitely stretching my creativity since I have to submit three articles each working day. It's nice when I get the occasional assignment though. Who knew I had so many thoughts about fashion and beauty related things? All that binge watching of America's Next Top Model and the countless magazines I buy has come in handy now! 

    The one thing I'm missing about this job as I work from home is the community that comes with a work environment. There are lots of writers in my section scattered all over the U.S. My editor and the whole editorial team for Bustle work out of the website's office in New York City. And I sit at my desk at home or in the coffee shops around town chatting online with my editor each shift as I work on my articles. I have the opportunity to connect with my fellow writers on twitter, but it's definitely not the same as sharing an office with your colleagues. I'd imagine a writing environment for a website like Bustle would be quite cool. 

    But working from home definitely has its perks. I'm always comfortable: I can wear whatever I want. I'm mobile: I'm taking this job with me to North Carolina when we move (which is in less than two weeks!). It couldn't have come at a better time. I mean, even though I'm in transition, it's a wonderful source of income through the transition. It's just further proof that I am always taken care of by such a good Father. 

    I'm thrilled to see where this will take me from here. It seems I had to wait for something like this for such a long time, but I can only imagine that it's just going to get better and better, which is always what patience and perseverance brings. 

  • Week 12 + Pregnancy Declarations

    (Painting I did shortly after becoming pregnant called Baby's Spirit)

    It's a big week for Little One. Our first sonogram is Wednesday, so we'll see the first ever images of our baby! I know it won't be much of a photo, but it will be real. Hearing his or her heartbeat last week was like having evidence of the truth of this tiny person's existence. I haven't had many noticable symptoms (no morning or otherwise sickness), I can't feel Little One at all, and I'm not actually showing yet, so my aknowledgement of the baby has been very much like faith - believing in something you cannot see. 

    Things are moving along now, and I'm finishing up the first trimester. So to have these little signs of assurance comfort me. I think of it much like when we see God show up. We can't see Him in his fullness, but we see His likeness, and you know that feeling. It's like you just can't deny its Him when something impossible happens in front of your face. 

    It's incredible how in most of humanity's time on Earth, women did not have these signs of assurance this early. They could only see the child as their bellies grew and feel the kicks and movements that come later on. I think a lot about how for centuries women have birthed the next generation, and I'm sensing my importance as a woman more than ever in this time. I've always been glad I am female, but it's just incredible to be one right now. And please don't tell me I'll think differently when I'm in labor. No, I don't know that pain yet, but I'm certainly not going to dread or fear it.

    This brings me to the declarations I've been reading out loud over both my body and the baby. I've been thinking about whether or not to share such a personal thing, but I've always been so open about everything, and I figured why wouldn't I share them so that others can join me in this expression of faith?

    I wrote these on January 11th, the night I found out I was pregnant, like letters to myself and to the baby. As you read them, speak them as prayers for me and Little One. You can change certain pronouns to make sense as you read them. I encourage you to come back as many times as you want to pray them all over again. I usually read them once a week. Also, my pregnancy isn't complete without my husband, so I wrote one for him, too. Despite what it looks like naturally speaking, he is just as much apart of this process as me, so I speak truth over him, too. 


    You are a gift. You have destiny and purpose beyond your and our imagination. You are the first arrow in our quiver. You have a safe place to rest until we send you out from our bow with power and agility. You are growing healthy and beautiful each day. You are receptive to your parent’s words, obeying us from the start, taking the words of faith from your father and the nourishment and nurturing from your mother. You are comfortable in your place within me. You find my womb perfect for your development. You will play within its walls, moving and exploring your growing parts, but you will know exactly how to position yourself once it’s time to leave this bed. You are awake with laughter, and your eyes see Heaven. You and I are in tune. You love my song. We bless you to know who you are and to know your sonship to God. All of your parts are in order. Your mind is sharp. Your heart is courageous. You are the first one to come from us, so you are a pioneer. You make the way easier for your siblings to follow. You are never alone. You are welcomed, and you are infinitely loved. 


    You are first and foremost a royal being. You have supernatural access to the finest things simply by being a child of God. You are perfectly feminine and queenly. So you reign over the operations of yourself. Womb, you are creating the perfect habitat for this child. You have glory surrounding your inner parts, and there is safety, comfort, and abiding love blanketing this child from now until birth. Heart, you are healthy and strong pumping life to all the areas of my body. Lungs, you are open. You receive the breath of grace for this union. Legs, you are strong pillars to carry this new life for all nine months well. You will not tire or swell. Pancreas, you function normally. Sugar levels will remain healthy throughout this pregnancy. Back, you have a strength you never knew, and you won’t feel any burdensome pain. Breasts, you are developing proper nourishment and you will not feel overwhelmed by it. Spirit, you are bigger by the day, and you will not be disheartened or letdown. You are an overcomer. You will be more intimate with the Father than ever before. Christie, you were made for this. Your beauty is exponentially increasing. The glow is purposeful. Many will see it and respond to its loving and nurturing attraction.


    You are a King with not only a Queen but an heir now. Your seed is sown, and your harvest is here. You are an involved father who teaches his child the way, who shows him the reflection of our Heavenly Father. You are a provider and a protector. You teach love by your actions and your thoughtful words. You carry revelation for your family, vision, and insight into the workings of the Kingdom for us. You are fearless and faithful. You show us the clear paths. You are respected, trusted, and honored. Your leadership is vital and always on target. You are tender in your ways. Your voice is always heard. You are passionate, and your heart and affections are for us. You walk in authority, and we always know where we stand with you. You are my partner in parenthood, and we will see nations altered by our mothering and fathering.

    Thank you for reading this post. It's special to me to be able to bring this child into a community of faith and love that I myself could not live without. This is what the Kingdom looks like.