The Fourth Baby & Mothering Three: A 2-part Essay

I wrote this essay during the course of my baby’s first year and finished shortly after her first birthday. I never got around to posting it. As I come back to these words — six months after the story told here ends — I realise there is much more to write on the themes IContinue reading “The Fourth Baby & Mothering Three: A 2-part Essay”

What is writing energy?

Our writing energy is essentially our motivation for writing. It’s the thing that makes us feel if I don’t get these words down now, I’ll explode! It’s inspiration, and sometimes it really is magical. When it appears out of thin air, you can’t ignore it, and you’ll find whatever time you have to jot downContinue reading “What is writing energy?”

On Lockdown Writing (and why it’s okay if you didn’t do it)

Do you remember at the start of lockdown how people were talking about what all they were going to be able to do during the hours of self-isolating? I vaguely recall the idealism — it wasn’t too prevalent in my online or IRL circles of mothers and young families! We were questioning how we’d merelyContinue reading “On Lockdown Writing (and why it’s okay if you didn’t do it)”

A Note on Works In Progress

I started writing a children’s story a few months ago. A rhyming one. It’s so much harder than it seems! I’ve always wanted to give it a try, and if writing doesn’t challenge you to stretch yourself in this craft, you’re not doing it properly. It was a prompt I gave my writing group rightContinue reading “A Note on Works In Progress”